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Ignition Set Up With Solid-State Ignition Units

First, see my list of items attached for reference.
For free flight, Control Line or R/C Assist systems you will need the following:


Solid-state ignition unit (SSIGN,  SSIGN2 or SSIGNCO) *

High Tension Lead, HTRC for R/C and HTFF for free flight or CL.

For R/C a 5 amp (micro) switch in the positive lead from the battery can be used to stop the engine using the throttle servo. (I don’t sell them).

Battery power

I use 3 NIMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) 700 MAH cells in series for the power supply.

Make sure you order them with solder tabs and solder them together in series for 3.6V. NiCads will give the same result. ALSO, one 3.7V LIPO will work. 500 MAH or more will do the job. Make sure you are familiar with Lipo charging, etc.

I also use three-pin Deans connectors to connect the battery to the system. (Tower Hobby) or your local hobby shop. Check out your local hobby shop for a charger.

I don’t supply them. Try on the web for 700 MAH NIMH Batteries, #10300-1 Tenergy 2/3AA 700 MAH Flat top rechargeable W/Tabs and solder them in series for 3.6V. 510-979-9969

Make sure all the connections are soldered properly.

You will also need a battery charger if using the NIMH or a Nicad battery. (Your local hobby shop)

You may use 2 AA Alkaline batteries in series, to produce 3 volts in a battery box to keep it simple

Quite a few are now using single-cell 3.7V LIPO batteries, 200  MAH or more. Be sure you know about using these LIPO’s as far as charging, etc.

This should get you running ignition engines like the pro’s do!

Larry Davidson

* Most use a solid-state ignition unit which saves the arcing and pitting of the points and doesn’t need a condenser, however you can use just the coil and condenser (I don’t sell condensers) The SSIGN2 has Hall effect & points instructions. All the SSIGN, SSIGN2 and SSIGNCO come with hook up instructions.

*The SSIGNCO will save the coils and points if the points are closed longer than 2 seconds, by cutting off the power from the battery. Just turn the prop again and it’s ready to go again. This is my most popular unit lately.  Most popular: SSIGNCO + Coil+ Hi-Tension lead

5 thoughts on “Ignition Set Up With Solid-State Ignition Units

  1. You rock Larry. Thanks for your website. Always wanted to build a sparky……

    1. Sounds good James. Let me nkow if I can help,

  2. Do you have any of the Black colored ignition coils to sell? I like the` classic look and only fly free` flight.

    1. If you are talking about the Modelectric coils, yes, I do have some that are used but good condition. Same price as my coils. Let me know, ok?

  3. Hi. I’m new to vintage ignition engine collecting. Just to make sure of what I’m doing. All I need to make my ignition engines run is either your coil and a condensor with battery pack and lead wire, or your coil and ssignco setup (which is for protecting coil and points) with battery and lead wire? I want to make sure and do it right. Thanks

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