Earliest Cannon History-The Family of William Cannon

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William Cannon

The Cannon's came from North Ireland to France and on to New England because of religious persecutions.

Three Cannon brothers came over from North Ireland a little before 1750 and landed in New England. Two of these brothers came south to North Carolina while one remained in New England.

William Cannon was born in the year 1780 in North Carolina. He married a South Carolina woman whose name is not now known. His first son Charles Cannon was born in the year 1800 in North Carolina. William Cannon moved his family to Georgia in 1802. His second son, Elijah Cannon was born in 1804 in Georgia. His third son, Almon Cannon was born in 1812 in Georgia. He had a daughter, Rachel who may have married a Knight. William Cannon lived to a very old age. He went back to North Carolina at an advanced age to spend his last years.

Almon Cannon was a rugged frontier farmer. He had friends among the Cherokee Indians, and they taught him how to make bows, string drills and blow guns. He was married three times and raised three families. He was born in 1812 and died in 1896. He was a farmer all his life. He and his sons did the farm work. He never owned slaves.

Almon Cannon came to Bedford County Tennessee in a wagon pulled by oxen in about 1833. He rented some farm land about a mile from the Duck River bridge on the old Tullahoma Road. He probably rented the land from Clement Cannon who came to Bedford County earlier. Clement bought 5000 acres of land at Shelbyville from a Mr. Smith in Cabarus County, North Carolina. He provided the land for the city of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Almon lived at this location until near the start of the Civil War. He then bought the hill land 6 miles from Shelbyville on the Tullahoma Road. This land is known as the old Cannon home place near Singleton. His sons Taylor and John worked on the farm and helped him pay for the land. Almon liked the hi land because he thought his family would die with the fever in the bottom land.

He married at 18 years of age, and his first born was a girl named Rachel Cannon. Born in 1831. His second child was William Cannon and his third child was a girl named Jane Cannon born in 1835 and died in 1914.

His second wife was a Blessing or a Gipson. She gave him a son named Samuel Stewart Cannon in 1838. The Indians taught Samuel to make bows and arrows, boats, brush fish nets and traps. He left home in a log boat going down the Duck River. He worked his way along the Duck River and then worked his way to Missouri on a steamboat. He was a very large and strong man who spent his life working on steamboats on the river.

His next son was Jim Cannon who was first in the Confederate Army. But while at home on leave, because of illness, the home farm was robbed by Confederate soldiers. Because of this, he would not go back to the Confederate Army. He then joined the Union Army. He moved to Texas after the war. Nancy Cannon was the next child. She married a Reed. The next child was Green Cannon who served in the Confederate Army. After the war Green moved to Texas also.

Almon married his third wife, Ellender Powell in 1845. She was born in 1818 and died in 1899. There were five children from this union.

Francis M. Jemina Cannon (Aunt Fanny) Born 1848; Zacariah Taylor Cannon, born in 1849, died in 1926; John Louis Cannon, born 1846, died in 1918. John's wife Kate Haley was born in 1853 and died in 1913; Jucilla Cannon, must have died in infancy; and Willie Green Cannon who also must have died in infancy.

Almon and his wife Ellender lived until their death at the old Cannon home place with his son, Zacariah Taylor Cannon and his family.

The above information came from the records of John Lane, 505 East Lane St. Shelbyville Tennessee.

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